For Law Firms

Pro bono work helps to: drive innovative and creative thinking; give a greater sense of personal fulfilment and purpose; and delivers upon sound ESG principles.

We believe that legal and professional services firms which empower and support all their people to undertake pro bono work are at a competitive advantage.

Pro bono work helps to: drive innovative and creative thinking; give a greater sense of personal fulfilment and purpose; and delivers upon sound ESG principles. There is no reason pro bono should be limited to lawyers. Nor is there any reason why volunteering activities should be restricted to fundraising campaigns or projects unrelated to the professional skills of business operations professionals.

For that reason we are currently developing a community of ‘corporate member’ firms. There is no fee for membership, or any other financial obligation.

We ask Corporate Members to:

Actively promote pro bono activities within operational teams for the purposes of developing skills, experience and contributing positively to society.

Recognise the experience gained through skills-based volunteering in the context of recruitment, people development, promotion processes and as a tool to attract and retain the best talent.

Introduce their own charities to the Fifth Day platform and promote its use as a means to access a ‘bank’ of City-calibre professionals.

Promote membership of Fifth Day on their own website and in the Responsible Business section of bids, tenders and client-facing Pro Bono reporting where appropriate.

In return, those organisations will benefit from a pool of more widely-experienced, more innovative and more deeply-engaged operational talent. Corporate members will be listed as such on the Fifth Day website and referred to our own marketing materials. They will also be offered a membership logo and accompanying materials for use in their own collateral.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t listed, please click below to get in touch with us.

Fifth Day is a non-profit organisation established to: (1) promote pro bono work – or skills-based volunteering – by business operations professionals within legal and professional services firms, and (2) connect great talent with opportunities to do meaningful and fulfilling voluntary work.
There are many reasons to undertake pro bono work. Some people do it in order to grow their skills and professional networks. Others because they are in senior positions and want to get back to exercising the core skillset that helped them advance in the first place. What volunteers all have in common, however, is a desire to help third sector organisations and in so-doing benefit society.
No. Legal skills are highly-prized by third sector organisations but so too are skills and knowhow in areas such as finance, HR, marketing, business development, IT, facilities and much, much more.
That is totally up to you. Many opportunities simply require you to devote as much time as you can spare. So long as all parties’ expectations are aligned, there is no minimum or maximum.

We operate in collaboration with Reach Volunteering, a leading skills-based volunteering charity which helps third sector organisations find skilled personnel for voluntary assignments and trustee roles. Unlike other volunteering services, our focus is very-much on helping skilled professionals find opportunities which relate directly to their professional skillsets and experience.

Fifth Day aims to connect people with opportunities. We advertise opportunities which you are then free to sign-up to through the Reach Volunteering platform. This process only takes a few minutes and no CV is required – a LinkedIn profile will do.

New opportunities come up regularly. You can sign-up to receive opportunities which are directly relevant to your skillset by enail here.

Light-touch vetting of organisations is undertaken by our partners at Reach Volunteering. Organisations which seek to access support will be asked to supply evidence of their status, for instance, a charity number, social enterprise directory entry or articles of association – full criteria can be found here. However, we would very-much encourage volunteers to satisfy themselves of the status and objectives of any organisations they choose to apply to work with.

We welcome applications from third sector organisations to offer roles through the site. This process is administered through our partners at Reach Volunteering, and you can find out how to promote roles here.

We offer a corporate membership scheme for legal and professional services firms who want to promote pro bono opportunities among their business operations (ie. Finance, IT, Business Development and Marketing, HR, Facilities, Risk, Knowledge, etc) staff. No fees are involved, and you can find out more about membership here.